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    WHAT IS THE EFFECTIVE MODE OF FERTILIZER APPLICATION? If only we can identify the best and the proper mode of fertilizer application, the farmers in general and the end consumers will be better off. The primitive and traditional mode of application is broadcasting method, wherein the fertilizer is spread around the crops, mostly sprayed as granules to the base of the crops. Uptake of the most of the fertilizer are in question. This mode results in wastage of the fertilizer, in addition the soil is doesn’t take in everything it receives consequently leads to soil acidification. The process of transportation of the fertilizers to the core phytochemical centres requires formulation excellence. Solid components in the fertilizer mix have to undergo bio chemical transformation through solubilisation process, in order to aid the absorption. On the other hand, there are many products currently in the market like POWER UP (The Organic NPK), HUMIPRO ( HUMUS), FULVIPRO ( FULVIC), SEABOON ( SEA WEED EXTRACT), NUTRIGRO ( COMBO OF HUMIC N FULVIC) etc are available in the liquid form(absorbable form). Since, all these are already in the form of liquid formulation, it can be easily administered in foliar space. Best of the organic, naturals and bio products manufactured at Yarok Biotech, Bangalore consists of unique formulation ingredients. These ingredients aids in shuttling out the actives through the xylem and phloem and other leafy pores. The actual required content of actives with additives shall be directly applied without losing any of the applied content. Why Foliar Spray Nutrition is Important? There is a disturbance in the absorption of nutrients, due to the presence of weeds, poor aeration and frequent rain or draught and in this kind of scenario’s foliar sprays of HUMIPRO and FULVIPRO will restore the crops in a faster pace. In the case of damage to the root system is either mechanically or through pest damage, Foliar sprays of SEA BOON or NUTRIGRO can provide growth to the plant. Nutrient uptake via leaves and shoot is considerably fast, if the formulation contains permeation enhancing agent. If the plant or crops require faster recovery after a stress condition. Product like POWERUP will enhance the growth manifold as compared to the traditional sprays.
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    Are we consuming the food that is free from chemicals and pesticides? For most of us, it could be emphatic NO! Following information from EWG's website would certainly confirm our daily pesticide intake.... 1)Among all the apple samples tested, 99% found to be positive for at least one pesticide residue. 2) At least one pesticide residue was found in 98 percent of peaches tested 3) Similarly, at least one pesticide found in 97 percent of nectarines tested 4) A single sample of strawberry showed mind boggling 13 different pesticides. 5) A single sample of grape contained 15 different pesticides 6) Celery ranked 6th among the list of dirty vegetables. 7)Spinach dropped to seventh this year, from sixth last year's list of dirty vegetables. 8) A sample of single sweet bell pepper contained 15 different pesticides 9) This year cucumber is maintaining its ninth rank in Dirty vegetables list. 10)Samples of cherry tomatoes showed 13 different pesticides. How to avoid these pesticides from entering our blood system? We should buy smart organic produce whenever we can. And It's always a good idea to shop from registered organic producers market or purchase directly from organic producers. Pest control using chemical pesticides on growing plants have caused irreparable damage on the human race... A study by Cynthia Curl of the University of Washington found that "people who use organic produces for their daily found lesser organo phosphates ( a poison) in their blood system as compared to non organic food consumers. Let us think natural n live too! For more info visit us at http://yarokbiotech.com/Are-we-consuming-the-food-that-is-free-from-chemicals-and-pesticides-For-most-of-us-it-could-be-emphatic-NO-Following-in/b159