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    How do we control the moth population and the resultant larvae attack on all kinds of crops, which leaves behind nothing from the crop for the farmers? Existing Crop science knowledge, suggest us to use strong pesticide that are chemical in nature. These chemicals have direct detrimental effect on the overall health of our society. In the long run, due to chemicals, there is a considerable impact on human physiological system.. Is there a way out from these chemical tangle? Can the organic or bio - pesticide provide the effectiveness as similar to the chemical and eschew adverse effects of the chemicals? Where do we get all these alternatives for all types of pest? Even if it is available can we trust its efficacy and after effects? Most of the time, the farmers and others who utilize these are usually laymen and have limited knowledge on all the above questions... Natural products are derived from plants or animal source n are time tested for its efficacy and adverse effects. Moreover, they are readily biodegradable and devoid of genetical transmutation. These natural ingredients in unique combination provide deterrent effect on the pest; while these bio pesticides promotes the growth of the crops . These bio pesticides acts as a natural safeguard for the crops. These products in the form of multi combination formulations (many natural ingredients), ready to use are mostly manufactured by bio agro products manufacturing industries across the globe. Let us think natural!!!
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