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    There is a famous proverb it goes like this " what we sow we reap" This proverb can be specifically applied to describe the consequences of our action. But if you take it literally this proverb explains a simple facts of agricultural farming...We won't reap apple from mango seed and vice versa. Since, ancient times, literally farmers were sowing seeds of various crops in the respective prepared fields and they were reaping what they were sowing; but the modern day sowing doesn't end with just the seeds, but along with many chemicals and the components that have long lasting impact on the nature of the soil and for the end consumers. These uncontrolled use of chemicals and other unspecified ingredients are leading to the point of no return. Moreover, we are currently reaping sickness of many kinds that has no name. The root cause for this scenario could be that we don't know what we have sown. In essence, we are reaping persistent disintegration of cells on a nuclear level. The question that we have to ask ourselves is that, are we sowing organic or in organic? are we sowing negligence or care? are we sowing future or end? Are we sowing health or death? In order to achieve a sustainable planet and reap a planet of life and exuberance; it is time to act and act fast- we must activate our wholesome thinking towards natural, kindle our mind concerning organic and above all to act proactively rather than react.. We @ Yarok Biotech, bangalore the manufacturers of organic and essential oils as well as manufacturers of bio agro products are determined to think natural and we endeavor to create a organic coat over our planet. Join with us!!!
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