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    A GLANCE - THE NATURAL FRAGRANCES AND SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE Natural source for fragrance is becoming a folklore among the perfume consumers. The prime reason behind this status is that of higher price for natural’s fragrances as in comparison to synthetics and obviously genuine customers are being demotivated. In addition, the large scale use of these fragrances in multiple industries have created undue pressure in the natural fragrance market, leading to the mass endorsement of adulterated, substandard and unreliable fragrance products. Secondary reason for the low demand for the natural and original fragrances is due to the simple and easily available synthetic replacement in terms of its physico-chemical characteristics. Consequently, the supply of the original, the best, high quality and reliable fragrances are under considerable stress. Nevertheless, the natural fragrances can never be replaced by the synthetic form in near future. Because, it is in the public knowledge that most of the synthetic perfumes are posing high health risks in the form of common allergy, skin allergies, bronchial infection, and carcinogenicity. Therefore, it is imperative that we get the reliable source for unadulterated natural fragrances. Yarok Biotech, Bangalore is a pioneer in establishing set of analytical parameters and a thorough scrutiny of the each and every raw material of each and every fragrances and other bio products under its product profile. This is being achieved through the specialized methodology developed in-house to differentiate synthetic origin from naturals. Yarok Biotech have the scientific mode of selection for Lemon grass Oil, Citrio Dora Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Java Citronella Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Vetvert Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Dvan Oil, Patchoali Oil, Geraniam Oil, Jasmine Oil, Rose Oil, Lavender Oil, Mogra Oil, Sandal wood Oil, Lemon Oil, Strawberry Oil, Green Apple Oil, Orange Oil etc. At the end Think Natural is all it matters!!
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