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    SEVEN WAYS TO IMPROVE SOIL FERTILITY - AN ORGANIC WAY If you are interested in having a garden in your backyard or kitchen garden or small vegetable farm, then improving fertility of the soil is paramount importance. Because, most of these soil would have lost the desired essential components of fertility through natural process. For an edible, safe and healthy food, the health of the soil in which it is grown is very critical. There are number of ways to improve the soil fertility. If we coalesce these methods and apply it in our farming, then the result will be phenomenal. 1. Live stock manure Nitrogen and carbon source shall be supplied usually by a livestock manure (cow, pig, sheep, poultry etc). Live stock manure is the best source for organic matter. Origin of these manure must be tracked and verified, exercise caution and avoid these from confined or unhealthy animals source. Since, these type of animals can transfer pathogens apart from the organic source.. 2. Compost Addition of dry leaves, vegetable waste, shredded papers, banana peels etc to the soil makes the soil fertile. Within few days from the date of addition, the respective soil will be left with high content of organic matter, rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium and other minerals. These elements are the essential macro nutrients which will initiate and sustains the growth of the plants. 3. Multiple cropping Various plants of different sizes and nature, especially legumes will provide multiple benefits to the soil; like nitrogen fixation, diverse nutrient utilization. 4. Plant waste and mulch addition The stem and leaves of the trees elsewhere, can be added along with the soil from the lake bed, if possible. 5. Addition of Humus and seaweed Humic acid, fulvic acid, sea weed etc are the organic and natural bio- agro input ingredients that are available in the market, can be used to provide micro nutrients, humus and major growth promoters etc. These in general, provide balance in pH of the soil and acts as a soil conditioner, in addition, those supplies carbon backbones to the plants. 6. Addition of Coco peat It is a natural agent, obtained as a by product of extraction of fibres from coconut husk. It provides root initiating hormones. Also it is resistant to bacteria and fungus growth. Coco -peat can hold water and nutrients in the soil and releases it, from time to time. Aeration of the soil is critical for the fertility of the soil and coco-peat provides this for the soil. 7. Bone meal Bone meal is a slow release organic fertilizer, acts as an excellent source of phosphorus and protein. Having your own garden is an excellent way to help our society and certainly your health at the same time. And in order to grow your own vegetables though, soil fertility is crucial, so it’s worth investing some time in learning about these techniques. For more info visit us at http://yarokbiotech.com/bizFloat/597ae969b2f2ff0514648135/SEVEN-WAYS-TO-IMPROVE-SOIL-FERTILITY-AN-ORGANIC-WAY-If-you-are-interested-in-having-a-garden-in-your-backyard-or-kitchen-garden-or-small-vegetable-farm-then-improving-fertility-of-the-soil-is-paramount-importance
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