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    MITE OFF - An organic Miticide from natural sources
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    The MITE OFF is a mixture of biological chemicals which have high potency of bio efficacy. MITE OFF is a mix of insecticidal/miticidal compounds derived from biological and organic sources. MITE OFF acts on the nervous system of the insects by paralyzing the mites. MITE OFF can control hard resistant Lepidoptera insects. The MITE OFF is highly active against Mites and Coleoptera, Lepidoptera insects. It has outstanding controlling activity to resistant Lepidoptera insects, Target pests include such as Diamondback moth, Cotton bollworm, Beet armyworm, Tobacco armyworm ,fall armyworm, Hornworms, Potato beetles, and Curinus coeruleus,leaf miners etc. MITE OFF is used to control insects in cotton, vegetables, fruits, horticultures & trees. Composition – Biological ingredients & natural fermentation of bacterium Benefits : Immediate control, Effective residual control, Immediate knock down effect, broad range of insects and mites targeted, cost effective – only one spray is required Application – 250ml/200L of water or per acre OR 1ml/Litre
    FULVIPRO - POTASSIUM FULVATE Exceedingly Rich & Powerful soil conditioner, growth promoter with natural anti-oxidant
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    FULVI-PRO+ Soil conditioner/ Growth booster Exceedingly Rich & Powerful soil conditioner, growth promoter with natural anti-oxidant  Increases plant metabolism and nutrient uptake effectively  Promotes vigorous growth and significant root growth and development  Increases quality of crop and its yield  Enhances water holding capacity of the crop during water stress Promotes electrochemical balance as donor or receptor Composition: Fulvic acid 12%, Plant extracts 18%,solubilizer 18%,surfactants 25%, stabilizers 5% and equated with demineralized water Compatibility: Compatible with all insecticides and fungicides. To be applied as foliar spray or through drip irrigation. Recommended usage: 2ml/Litre SEABOON – Plant booster Seaboon can thus be very effective as a fertilizer supplement to help restore the soil conditions Seaboon stimulates seed germination and helps in better absorption of soil nutrients by plants Seaboon stimulates chlorophyll formation and thereby better photosynthesis. Seaboon enhances flowering and promotes fruiting to a large extent. Seaboon increases resistance to heat and water stress. Seaboon stimulates better absorption of nutrients Compatibility: Compatible with all insecticides and fungicides. To be applied as foliar spray or through drip irrigation. Recommended usage: 2ml/Litre
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     Humi-Pro+ increases root vitality and improves nutrient uptake.  Humi-Pro+ increases chlorophyll synthesis and seed germination.  Humi-Pro+ increases fertilizer retention and stimulates microbial activity  Humi-Pro+ increases healthy growth of crop and increases yield.  Humi-Pro+ is essential for freeing up nutrients in soil and made available for absorption. Composition: Humic acid 12%, Solubilizer 12%, Stabilizers 20%, Surfactants 14%, Emulsifiers 20% and demineralized water 22%. Recommended usage: 2ml/ Liter Compatibility: Compatible with most of the insecticides, fungicides & foliar fertilizers
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     Nitroboost is a natural flowering stimulant and prevents flower shedding  Nitroboost, stimulates growth of flower parts & promotes early fruit setting  Nitroboost increases yield contributing characters like plant height, multiple branching and increased fruit clusters.  Nitroboost, stimulates cell elongation & root initiation in stem cuttings. Recommended usage: 2-3ml/ Liter of water.
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    Root prime is a root stimulant, which stimulates the root growth for all types of crops. This to be used immediately after application of fertilizers. Root prime is used for newly planted/transplanted crops/ ratoon crops in the case of sugarcane. This product can be very effective for nurseries and the vegetables like beet root, carrot, raddish & ginger etc. Root prime encourages root elongation and instead enhances deep root formation. Recommended usage: 2ml/ Liter
    ACTIVPHOS - Organic Antifungal formulation for all crops -1L
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    This is organic Antifungal very effective against phytothora, downy mildew etc...Very useful for any of the organic cultivation, be it vegetables or fruits. Also this is proved the best product for root rot of pepper, ginger, cardamom and other spices