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    NUTRIGRO – Growth promoter/Soil conditioner

    Novel Soil conditioning & growth promoting Synergistic formulation

    NUTRIGRO Increases humus content and effectively chelates metals and soil phosphate availability

    NUTRIGRO breaks up unproductive soil and turns into productive soil

    NUTRIGRO increases soil micro organisms' metabolic activity

    NUTRIGRO is a plant growth stimulator and increases plant metabolism and nutrient intake

    NUTRIGRO is an excellent supplement to fertilizers to improve nutrient absorption

    Composition:Humic acid 12%, Fulvic acid 12%, Stabilizers 20%,Surfactants 20%,Emulsifiers 20%, Demineralized water 16%

    Compatibility: Compatible with all insecticides and fungicides.  To be applied as foliar spray or through drip irrigation.

    Recommended usage: 2ml/Litre

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