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    MAXGRO – Micronutrients

    Max-Grow is recommended for all crops and vegetables 

    MAX-GROW is an enriching breakthrough technology for fast and sustained uploading of assorted micronutrients

    MaxGROW is a revitalized docked traceelements featuring highly permeable uploading chelator. MaxGROW is a high concentration of seven micronutrients supported by seven major elements in one of the most nutrient packed formulation in a liquid form ever achieved.Amino acids and Permeation enhancersadd a further growth enhancing dimension to an exceptionally liquid fertilizer

    MaxGROW is a major breakthrough in agricultural nutritional chemistry. Agents like EDTA are lignosulphonates carry the desired trace elements through the outer cell walls and cuticles and enables the direct permeation into the plant by the proprietary permeation enhancing agent.

    Recommended usage: 2ml/Litre
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