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    EFFICACY OF HERO PLUS, the 100% natural bio-pesticide

    Yarok Biotech, Bangalore have developed a 100% Bio-natural/bio-product. This contains unique eco - friendly completely organic ingredients.

    HERO PLUS the bio pesticide have undergone the field trials for its efficacy against various pests in Cabbage, in Gudalur Taluk, Theni district of Tamilnadu, India. The field trials of HERO PLUS have brought in very exciting results; wherein, HERO PLUS is found to be superior in its efficacy against various pests as mentioned below:

    HERO PLUS applied in the range of 2-3ml/Litre of water on cabbage crop of 30 days as well as 60 days old crop. The said field was infested with Cabbage Looper (Trichoplusia ni).  It is an active moth in the night and lays egg on the outer surface of the open leaves. The color of its egg is greenish – white and the egg brings out a mature greenish white stripes larvae. These larvae starts eating from the peripheral of the leaves and moves to the centre of the leaves. It is observed that this larvae is the most destructive of larvae. Looper cause great damage to the cabbage head. And once the cabbage is infested with this, it is hard to control its proliferation.

    However, in our field trial, it was noted that the larvae stops eating immediately after the foliar spray of HEROPLUS in the dose of 2ml/ litre and in addition have noticed the complete mortality within 5 days of its administration.

    HERO PLUS is found to be effective against Cabbage webworm (Hellula rogatalis). This worm is originated from a moth that are brownish – yellow in color, which has the ability to camouflage with soil color. The respective moth lays eggs on the outer side of the leaf during the maturation stage of the plant.  Eggs will bring out a larvae, which are dull, grayish yellow and marked with 5 visible brownish-purple lateral stripes. Their heads bear a V-shaped mark and black in color. In our field trial, it is noted that HEROPLUS on application have brought complete mortality to the webworm within 5 days in the dose of 2-3ml on mature as well as semi mature plants.

    Our field trials were found to be very effective against diamond back moth caterpillars.

    Plutella xylostella (Diamond back moths) is a moth that has a special wing  (have three diamond shaped mark). These moths move in a faster pace as and when it is disturbed. Their eggs are small and yellowish white in color. On

    On the other hand, the larvae are light green colored. As the moth race faster its larvae too wiggle out on a faster pace. Further, due to the saliva that forms into a silk like thread, it often it appears to be hanging on it. Eventhough, this larvae prefers young buds of the plant, it feed on all parts of the plant.

    HEROPLUS found to be very effective against diamond back caterpillars as well.


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