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    ACTIV-PHOS – Organic Antifungal - Bio product

    An exclusive high performing formula to recuperate, restore, rejuvenate & maximize root system

    ACTIV-PHOS acts directly on the invading fungus to stop its growth and sporulation.

    ACTIV-PHOS stimulates the plant indirectly to activate their own defence system

    ACTIV-PHOS is effective against Phytophthora,Pythium-type plant pathogens root rot and downy mildew

    ACTIV-PHOS  provides essential nutrients for the normal growth & developments of plants

    ACTIV-PHOS  acts as an effective anti-microbial agent, Natural, innovative & regenerative organic treatment for the stunted plants

    Composition: Mixture of 42% phosphonic acid with 5% unique shuttling permeating acid % 40% potassium salt of phosphorus agent

    Compatibility: Compatible with most of the insecticides, fungicides & foliar fertilizers

    Recommended usage: 3ml/Litre

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